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Houzz is an American website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Palo Alto, California.

A disappointed customer says, "I ordered a table and within 48 hours I canceled my order due to poor measurements. I reached out via email to cancel and they replied saying it maybe be too late to cancel delivery. I reached out to CEVA myself and managed to cancel my delivery for the Houzz team. Ever since then, two and half weeks later along with six follow-up emails requesting my refund (over $700.00) and no one is responding. For a reputable company, this is disappointing and I will never order from them again and will share my experience with my family and my friends and let them know."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You should probably take a screenshot of this review since it will either be deleted, or drowned out by 6 other fake reviews from upper management. This is based on my personal experience. It seems to be a theme throughout the company, but could vary based on your role and/or manager. The head of this office and his directors are a cancer to the company. They happened to be in the right place at the right time at the very beginning, and are under qualified to be in their positions. They spend most of their time indignant about their free lunch being late, micromanaging employees who do not even report to them, or getting heavily inebriated at company sponsored events. It’s a sorority Mean Girls environment - my manager has said terrible things about other people on my team in front of me too many times to count. They will change your compensation plan without any notice, and multiple times per year. There is no structure whatsoever relating to positions and pay - someone in the exact same position as you with similar experience may be making much more than you dependent on whether or not the head of the office and his directors like you. The employees that get promoted into managerial roles go through no training whatsoever, even if they have never held a management position prior. Going to your manager with an issue is similar to talking to a brick wall. They have no boundaries, and will call you after hours, on the weekends, and expect you to handle the issue (no matter how minuscule) that instant. They claim it is a “start up environment” and the “nature of the job.” If you express discontentment or disagreement, you will be told you are “not a team player” or “you just don’t understand what the job is.”"

Conceirge (Former Employee) says

"Really thought I was going to stay at the company for at least 2 years until I got laid off! Completely ruined my life, no sympathy at all from HR when she laid me off including my manager. Why would they be? They get to keep their jobs and continue to work from home during this pandemic! I ended up getting laid off in April of 2020 after being with the company for 9 months. Was working from home at the time and was completely blind sided by the whole thing. My manager and someone from HR laid me off over a Zoom meeting with absolutely no reason as to why besides the COVID-19, I was apart of the 155 employees that got laid off. One week before my manager raved about how great I was doing - the next - laid off. Really shows how little they care about their employees, a billion dollar company can’t afford to keep 155 employees??? Comical!! Basically if you are not performing to their standards you will get put on a performance plan and they will watch your every move like a hawk. The so called “shift leads” shadowed everyone on the time multiple times to give them “helpful tips” when really they just watch to make sure you aren’t messing around and doing your job. When the whole time they are just sitting there in their cubicles doing nothing. I was talked down to multiple times by a shift leads and was guilt tripped into thinking I was the victim. Very professional right? Only got Paid $16.50 never got any sort of raise for the 9 months I was there. Show your employees respect for all the hard work we do and things we had to go through to try and not get fired. I worked my butt"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Houzz has to be the worst place I ever worked. The culture was awful and compensation was constantly changed. Management had no idea what they were doing.Free lunchEverything else"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"I am writing this review to any future college graduates. This job is nothing the managers say it will be. I took this as my first job out of college, very disappointed. This job is very micromanaged and poorly at that. Then benefits are not as good as they make it seem either. I wish I would have had a honest warning going into this job."

Account Executive 2 Sales (Former Employee) says

"poor culture. low commissions. false leads. bad management. always changing direction. no leadership. just not a good environment all around, dont work there"

Workforce Management and Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This company is completely unstable and while they are ambitious goals of going public soon, I wouldn't be surprised if they never even get to the starting gate. They are constantly laying people off and then hiring more people when they realize that they let too many people go, but will then lay them off when they realize that they over corrected and hired too many. Upper management is completely lost and at this point I'm convinced that they're using a Magic Eight Ball to make business decisions."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The training was horrible. High turnover rate. Expected too much from us when we had no clue what we were doing. Not a fun job at all. Pay is decentTraining"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"If you care about your sanity, do not apply! They fire top experienced sales reps fast!! Goals are not reachable! You're a telemarketer. Free food..Free food and benefitsThe entire company is trash"

Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"I had been at Houzz for almost two years and used to thoroughly enjoy going to work. I used to give it my all and take on any task given to me, however over the past couple of months the environment became so toxic, it took a toll on me mentally and I just gave up. Houzz has become such a gossip culture. You can overhear managers and HR talk about reps and meetings they’ve had, which I’m sure should be kept confidential. From the beginning Houzz created an unhealthy and unnecessary divide between leadership and reps. When I was promoted, one of the first things I was told is that I could no longer be friends with the coworkers I became close with. It was strongly recommended that I delete any Houzz employees from my social media. That policy has since changed, but the divide has not. In a leadership role, I was told numerous times to “lead by example,” yet the example set forth to me was that I could come in and leave whenever I wanted, and openly express that I was bored and didn’t want to do my job. Shortly after I put in my resignation (due to another job opportunity), I learned that two managers took bets on when I would quit. I confided in my manager that I was unhappy with the job. So it is comforting to know that when I hated coming to work everyday, she and the other person turned my misery into a game. I think one of the most frustrating things, however is when you voice concern, it is ignored until there is a poor review on here. They pride themselves on being proactive, yet are the most reactive company I have ever worked for. They wait until there"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Where to begin... -Work: The work that you're doing is fairly mundane and doesn't have too high of a learning curve. Therefore it does get tedious at times and when your suggestions for change and improvement don't get listened to, it makes the work more frustrating. -Teamwork: Houzz needs to better integrate the goals of the teams across the company. It was extremely difficult and frustrating to try and reach our goals or do well in competitions when the other moving parts that a team is working with, doesn't have even closely related goals as well. This conflict does not help the company cover all the bases, but rather have teams running around in their own circles with different communication focuses and not able to drive towards the single goal. -Compensation:Houzz is probably 80% women, which means I think they have a great platform to empower the women that work there and pay them fairly, if not more, for how much work they do, especially employees that go above and beyond consistently. What you get paid when you are hired is most likely going to be the pay for at least a year, year and half minimum with a possible $1-$1.5 increase. They don't negotiate -Management: Imagine you walked out the front doors of college with your degree in one hand and an internship or two of experience under your belt, worked for a year at a full-time job, then wow! You're a manager! Would you trust yourself? Maybe, maybe not, but with a lot of the managers at Houzz, I felt like there was a struggle for direction and good leadership. Most of the managers aren't E-commerce veterans, thereforeGreat team building exercise.Decisions are ALL made by one person, zero leadership, no future and no opportunity to learn and grow as a professional."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Houzz is great if you like the free meals and fun events they do for birthdays,baby showers, holidays Lots of favoritism and hostile work environment.Free lunch, breakfast, stocked kitchen fun eventsBad management, hostile environment, High turnover"

Customer Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Not worth it. Sold dreams. Started out alrighty but later found out that there are no advancement opportunities for anyone other than the individuals who were there when the startup began near the end of 2016.Free breakfast on Monday, free lunch on FridayManagement lacks leadership training and maturity, no advancement opportunities, unrealistic expectations for time it takes to master all the changes the company is undergoing."

Trade Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was recruited from another company for a new position at Houzz. I was given specific goals and confirmed the salary average that was paid employees in this position prior to accepting the job. There were only a handful in this position when I was hired, and no one was hitting the salary as stated when hired. They changed our comp plans about 3 times since I was hired, and never once came close to what they told me I'd be paid and our goals were never met. After 6 months working at the position, our entire department was laid off without any notice and told that we could reapply for another similar position come the following Monday. There were roughly 80 people eliminated and only 26 of these new positions. I decided not to reapply since I didn't feel secure in the position and didn't trust their information for the new job since I was never paid what I was told. Evidentally there has been several other instances of lay off at this company, and you'd hope they would learn from the firs one.company culture, fully stocked kitchen, work/life balanceno consistency in pay, unrealistic goals, no stability in the role/company"

Trade Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Houzz for a year and a half. In that time I had two job titles. My first title was "Account Manager Client Success, level 1". I was in this role for 6 months. The week before Christmas in 2017 all the level 1's were called into a meeting. We were told that as of January 1st 2018 our job would no longer be available. They had a new role for us to assume in a completely different area of the company that they were newly creating called "Trade Account Managers." We had the option to move into that role, interview for a sales role, or leave the company. They encouraged us that taking a leap of faith in the company by joining a new department is the "fast track" to management within the company and looks really good to the higher ups. I decided to leap because I was hoping to move up in the company.On our very first day of training, 10 of us sat in the training room expecting a rundown of what our new job would be. Instead, our new manager greeted us with a question: "what do you guys think the Trade role should be?" We spent the next two weeks of "training" laying the foundation for the role (ex: writing call scripts, figuring out email templates, etc.). After two months of zero organization and having to pretend like we knew what we were doing, Houzz started mass hiring for the role. Suddenly the 10 of us were training 3 people a day for weeks on end. After they had hired a bunch more people, they brought the original 10 of us in a room and told us we would all be level 1's and the people we were training would be levels 2-4, even though we were the ones that essentiallyFree breakfasts and lunches, got to wear work out clothes on WednesdaysRead above"

Customer Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management has favorites, and seem somewhat incompetent. Reps are allowed to work with poor hygiene. There is a full kitchen with snacks and lunch food. They will have catered lunches for special occasions, but overall, this company plays the numbers game and only the favorites see any difference."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Houzz has all the makings of a great company but lacks the structure and talent at the top to retain the right leadership to build strong and effective teams. They are making decisions in a vacuum just to save a few pennies. Seems like a start up but doesn't really a"


"if you don't care about raises, and you like discrimination this is the place for you. Promotions are based on favoritism and not skill. only good thing are the holiday parties."

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"A lot of first time management that were good at sales in their own right. However not well at leading a team and helping others perform at a level. Recruiters were all about the numbers, they hired not the true aspects of the Job."

Account Executive II (Former Employee) says

"If you're considering going to work for Houzz, go in with your eyes WIDE open, and get as much unbiased input as you can, learn as much about Houzz as you can, before you choose Houzz over some other offer. A typical day was that of any go-go-go telemarketing call center, gongs and all. Outbound calling to cold and only-slightly-less-than-cold leads. The leads were very old, and were worked, and reworked, and reworked some more - lead procurement and lead management was endlessly questionable (a lead retired one day would be in your basket the next day, or the person that told you to "drop dead" last week is a "hot lead" in your inbox, requesting ad rates today - of course, it never panned out). I learned to adapt, because everything was always changing, to put it simply. New and superseding compensation agreements were sent to me, regularly. I lost track of how many I signed. A different shift than what I was hired for was forced on me, after a few months. I had a new manager and team about every quarter, and cubicle moves were a regular thing, about every two months, it seemed. Turnover is constant, abrupt quits and fires. Management are former phone reps themselves, having done it for a year or so, and are now 'team leads', more appropriately. They're expected to hustle the reps, to keep the dials up. Rarely do they have to do the sort of things that managers do, and that's for the best - they often make the errors that bad managers make. The hardest part of the job was the lack of transparency and professionalism, the lack of managerial quality and accountability,Free meals, relaxed dress code, nice office, central location.Many of the important things."

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"A typical day starts at 6:30 a.m. - just keep in mind, there is zero flexibility in scheduling despite what you may be told in interviews. Also, no overtime. I learned that the Houzz model isn't really working anymore. They have built a company based off of the sales team selling to clients who are interested in Houzz and know it because they created a profile. Unfortunately, they are pretty much out of those clients and every professional on Houzz is called (3-5 times a week) every 3-4 months until the sales person retires the "lead". There are not enough professionals creating new profiles on Houzz to sustain the huge growth in salespeople. Mgmt will tell you they have solved this by hiring a team to farm pros and create profiles for them but those do not produce quality leads. They are usually pros who agreed to let the farmer create the profile to get them off the phone and they are told it is a free profile. There are some better leads that can be steered to you if your manager likes you or if they feel like it. Most of the management team is not experienced and it shows. They are big believers in promoting from within so you may have a manager with 3 years experience who started in the low levels job at Houzz 18 months ago. There are a couple that are great but mostly not. The hardest part of the job is that it totally depends on what your manager gives you. It was a lot easier for me to sell to an interior designer in Los Angeles while my co-worker was stuck calling woodworkers in Vermont. Also, we do have a significant potion of straight up cold calling asFree lunches, snacks, etc. Covered parkingLimited potential, job is not what is represented in interviews."

Trade Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Weak Leadership / Lack of communication There wasn't a strong sense of direction and manager that I reported too didn't give any constructive feedback if at all any. Was always in meetings, lack of training or motivation from his side. Very absent as a mentor or manager."

Adriana Wang says

"I find Houzz unreliable with an execrable customer service. If you apply a discount received from a prior order or a 5 star review, they would cancel the discounted order. They cancelled two orders for a product what shows available and in stock. A 30 dollar discount was offered for a purchase or 200 USD or more, and when I placed the order, even the price was showing 100 they added in the basket at 99 in order to prevent the discount. Execrable company and I am on my way to report the behavior. Definitely Houzz is not anymore what it used to be."

Nick ODonnell says

"I have been selling on Houzz as well as other platforms such as Etsy for the past 4 to 5 years. Whenever I have had a sale of a larger furniture piece, Houzz and their support team have led to the sale falling through. For larger and more expensive pieces such as mine, the customer often has questions about the piece, or shipping, or logistics, or other things. Whenever a customer has needed to talk to me and ask me something, the Houzz support people have got right in the middle, frustrated the customer before I had a chance to explain the status of their order, and led to the customer cancelling. Over the years, this has happened several times, and has cost me upwards of $10,000 so far. For whatever reason, they have made it their policy to not allow customer to talk to the actual seller, in this case me, without their involvement, and the sloppy, slow, outdated way that they do this puts them greatly behind even their most sluggish competition. I would highly recommend buying anything they sell on their site from other providers, and avoid clowning around with incompetent middle men (an women) such as themselves."

Rachele Evers says

"Ordered a fan and downrod. Fan came immediately and downrod had status of "shipping label printed" for weeks. It never came. I reached out the supplier, they refunded my money with the understanding that I was going to buy a downrod at Lowes. I bought the replacement downrod and got it home to find that the downrod on this fan is NOT a standard size. My fault for not double checking that I suppose, but now I had to reorder the same downrod that never came from the original order, and it is a 4-6 week delivery estimate. Presuming it actually arrives this time, I will have waited months to install this fan. If it doesn't arrive, i will have to fight to return the fan because the return window will have closed. All around kind of a total pain in the butt. Some of this is my own fault, I know. If possible I will update after all of the chips have landed."

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